Our Clear Rope Light Just Got Easier To Work With

Posted by Megan Good on 8/1/2015
Our Clear Rope Light Just Got Easier To Work With

We are excited for some changes with our new rope light this year that will make it easier to install plugs for our customers and make them better for keeping out water in the connections.

They are just slightly different than you may be used to if you have been ordering rope light from us for years but definitely something that once you do it once, you will love working with.

So first off, what do you get when you order a spool of our new clear rope light?

Rope Light Spool and Accessories

Well now you will get a spool of rope light (150FT long) with a connector factory molded to the end so that you can just plug and play if you so desire! So simple and easy! 

You will also get 5 other connector kits (power cords) that you can use if you plan to custom cut the spool and use shorter lengths of rope light.

You will still cut the rope light every 1.5FT and there is a small scissor mark on the rope light where it can be cut.

When attaching the other plugs there are a few things to keep in mind. They come with a sleeve instead of a screw on style connector like the older rope light does. This sleeve when used with the glue that comes included in the spool of rope light will allow this to not come apart and also give you a bit more of a water resistant seal so it will be great for outdoors.

So how do you attach a power cord to this new rope light?


Easy, just cut the rope light on the scissor mark as needed to give you the length you want.

Next you will insert the sharp prongs into the rope light and have the smooth prongs sticking out the back side (this is just like before).

Then you will take the glue tube and put a bead of glue around the bottom section of the rope light (the area that will be pushed into the rope light) and then insert the prongs into the rope light plug sleeve and push them all the way down to get the smooth prongs into the female portion of the power cord to have a nice connection.

Then let the glue dry for a few minutes, plug it in and test the rope light.

You will glue the end caps on in the same fashion, just a bead around the end of the rope light, push the rope light into the end cap and let dry.

Rope light makes a great under or over cabinet light that is inexpensive and easy to work with or it is great for lining walkways or landscape areas. We also have a number of customers who use it for crown molding accent lighting. And our favorite is when customers use it for holiday decorating!

No matter how or where you install it, rope light is a great and versatile product you will love. Send us your photos of installed rope light, we would love to see how creative you are with our products! 

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