Ornaments & Accessories

Buy shatterproof Christmas ornaments for your commercial or home decorating needs. These high quality shatterproof ornaments come in a variety of styles and colors for your convenience. Shatterproof ornaments provide customers with the look of custom ornaments for a fraction of the cost plus added durability from year to year. We carry a number of UV coated shatterproof ornaments suitable for exterior applications that will look great from season to season even when used outdoors.
  • Decor Packages Decor Packages
    Our pre-designed Christmas decor packages make decorating your tree a breeze. Choose from 8 popular styles and have your tree look like a custom creation!
  • Mesh & Ribbon Mesh & Ribbon
    Great for filling space in a hurry with spectacular results. Many colors and styles to choose from.
  • Commercial Bows Commercial Bows
    Made for commercial decorating, there are many interior and exterior options to choose from that will look great year to year.
  • Red Ornaments Red Ornaments
    Tons of red colors and styles to choose from, red shatterproof ornaments are a great addition to any Christmas tree.
  • Gold Ornaments Gold Ornaments
    Classy and fun, these gold shatterproof ornaments have it all. Choose from numerous coordinating styles for your Christmas tree this year!
  • Silver Ornaments Silver Ornaments
    Silver ornaments really shine! Add these shatterproof ornaments to a candy cane themed tree or with gold for an upscale look that you will love.
  • Teal/Turquoise Ornaments Teal/Turquoise Ornaments
    Teal/Turquoise colors add a modern look to your holiday decor. We carry a large variety of specialty styles for a beautiful look.
  • Copper Ornaments Copper Ornaments
    These Copper colored shatterproof ornaments add earth tones to any decor package.
  • Burgundy Ornaments Burgundy Ornaments
    For a deep, luxurious look try our burgundy ornaments paired with gold. These deep red ornaments have a hint of plum mixed in for a unique and beautiful look.
  • Green Ornaments Green Ornaments
    From lime green to hunter greens we have you covered. Choose from a variety of small and large green shatterproof ornaments.
  • Blue Ornaments Blue Ornaments
    From teal to deep navy blue shatterproof ornaments there is something for every decorating style waiting for you.
  • Purple & Cerise Ornaments Purple & Cerise Ornaments
    These purple and fuchsia shatterproof Christmas ornaments really stand out! Choose from a variety of large and small scale ornaments for your tree.