How Many Christmas Lights Can I Plug Together?

Posted by Doug Topham on 3/31/2016
Whether you are installing Christmas lights for Christmas or for added lighting during your party you need to be careful how many strings you plug together. 

Safety is important when it comes to working with Christmas lights. There are few things that will ruin a holiday more than an electrical fire at your home because you tried to plug too many lights together. Learn a few tips from our head decorator on how many Christmas lights you can safely plug together and how to determine how much power your Christmas lights are using.


Remember these tips:
  • Check the Amperage rating of the cords and fuses in your Christmas lights. 
  • Plug no more than 1 - 100FT C9 Incandescent light string together.
  • For LED mini lights you can plug about 100 strings together (if they are .028 amp strings) but our standard rule of thumb for decorators in the field is no more than 45 end to end. 
  • For Incandescent Mini lights, you can safely plug up to 4 - 100 Light sets together. 
  • Now you can put up to 15 total amps on a 20 amp circuit breaker. Just count up how many amps each string uses. Most mini light sets will tell you on the tags how many amps they use. If you have removed those tags and don't know, you can test your lights with a Mutlimeter as shown in the video.

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