4 Ways To Hang Christmas Lights To Your Roof

Posted by Aaron Farrelly on 3/30/2016

It's cold outside and Thanksgiving is over, all the hand turkey crafts have been removed from the fridge, and your family is now begging you to put the Christmas lights up. Most dread this activity and try to procrastinate as much as possible. The majority succumb, however, not wanting to disappoint kids and wives around the world who use their persuasive abilities to create holiday cheer.

House with Christmas lights

So in light of this tradition, (and to make your wife and kids happy) we are going to give you four tips for attaching or installing Christmas lights on your roof.

  1. The first option is using All-in-one clips - These have been around for a long time, and most are familiar with the product. They attach to the socket, and then slide under a tile or flashing.
    • Pros: inexpensive, universal, easy to find and replace
    • Cons: break and become brittle over time (usually you can get 1-2 seasons use), depending on your roof they don't always hold well
  2. The second method is stapling your lights up. By far the most tedious method of installation, but well worth the time if you are looking for a perfectly straight line of lights 
    • Pros: really straight line, lights won't fall during season, inexpensive
    • Cons: time consuming, tedious to make sure you don't puncture the wire, also puts holes in your building.
  3. The third option we recommend is using Magnetic clips. This is a newer technology in the clip industry, these are a great way to go... if you have a metal surface
    • Pros: quick and easy, straight line
    • Cons: only works on magnetic surfaces, expensive
  4. Nails - old fashioned, yet still a popular option for many homeowners 
    • Pros: more permanent, easy
    • Cons: not as straight, not as aesthetically pleasing

Regardless which method you prefer, the key to a good lighting installation on your roof is keeping the lights as straight as possible. 

Take your time when attaching the lights, be careful when using a ladder, don't get careless or do anything that compromises your safety. If you have to put a ladder on top of something to reach where you want to, it's probably not a good idea to be doing it. Instead borrow or buy a ladder tall enough and sturdy enough to keep you safe. No Christmas light installation is worth you getting hurt to do it. If you're not up for the job you can also hire a local Christmas lighting company, there are a ton of qualified installers who can get the job done right, just ask for references and make sure they are insured!

To make installation easier when you are using Christmas light clips, attach the clips to the sockets before climbing the ladder.

Also, make a plan before starting. Planning your Christmas lights is as simple as figuring out where your lights will plug in and starting close by or running your extension cord first to reach the lights, and then installing the lights. You don't want to find out after you have taken the time to install your lights that you have no plug or that you should have had them turned around!  

House with Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Another helpful tip is to mark your lights so the following year you know what goes where. Label the male ends and then have corresponding labels on a map saved on your computer or printed and stored in the box where you store your lights. This can save a lot of time knowing where to start! 

What is your favorite way to hang Christmas lights on your roof?

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