Tips for Decorating you Mantel for Christmas

Posted by Staff on 12/1/2015 to Decorating Your Home
Tips for Decorating you Mantel for Christmas
A great focal point for your home during the Christmas season is your fireplace mantel. It can represent warmth, family, love and peace. It is probably the center piece of where all of the family festivities and traditions happen. There are so many things you can do to decorate your mantel. You can keep it simple or let your creativity run wild.

For a commercial or residential large mantel garland, I love the Mountain Pine Garland; it’s one of my favorites. Another popular type of garland for residential, that’s not so long and/or heavy, is the Scotch Pine Garland. Both are very pretty. 
Mountain Pine Christmas Garland

Now, it’s time to add the lights. We definitely suggest a mini light with green wire. There are a few different types of lights to choose from. There’s the traditional Incandescent Mini Light, which you can get in clear, any other solid color, or a strand of multi-color. Another popular choice is the LED Mini Lights. These too, can come in many different colors, styles and shapes. So, I would suggest you do some research to see which one is right for your type of style and décor. There are many differences between the Incandescent Mini Lights & the LED Mini Lights. Incandescent Minis Lights tend to look like they have more of a warmer amber color to them and don’t have that long of a life span. LED Mini Lights have a longer life span and are more energy efficient. If you want a bright white, crisp look, you would order the LED COOL-WHITE Mini Lights which would work well with a snowflake them, but if you want a warmer look you could get the LED WARM-WHITE Mini Lights.

Warm White LED Mini Lights   LED Cool White Lights   Clear Mini Lights on Green Wire   LED Wide Angle Warm White Mini Lights

Decorating the mantel and watching it all come together is my favorite part. Your next step would be to add any ribbon, mesh or burlap to your garland if you want any of that. Then add floral sprays and keep them the main colors of your Christmas décor. Add ornaments evenly spaced along the garland, and any other personal touches that will make this be your own one of a kind decorated Christmas mantel. I’m more of a Rustic Christmas girl myself, so I would add some star ornaments, maybe some cranberry, or rusted bells. Experiment with placement until you get it looking just right. You can keep it as simple as you want or you can make it as extreme as you want. Happy Decorating!

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