What is the cost of switching to LED Christmas lights?

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Let us start off by saying again we love using LED Christmas lights.  They make our job of decorating the Phoenix metropolitan area so much easier than in years past.  We spend a lot less time installing and maintaining lights for our customers than we ever have before when we use LED lights.  The coloring has greatly improved in the past few years and today's LED Christmas lights are a great way to light your property. 


Low power consumption 82% less on average than standard incandescent bulbs and strands.

Ability to plug in up to 210 watts end to end of LED lights.  For C7 or C9 lights this is about 200-250FT, for LED mini lights this is usually 40+ strands of 50 bulb LED mini lights. 

Ease of use, less breakage in shipping and installing, can be dropped without issues.

 Bright vibrant colors.

Less extension cords needed, less power circuits on large jobs are needed.

 Less time spent fixing lights that break or burn out during the holidays, and harder for vandals to break.

However if you already have existing lighting that you use that is in good condition it may not make financial sense to switch it all over to LED.  

Here are the down sides of switching to LED Christmas Lights:

Large upfront investment. Although we have checked and our prices are by far the lowest online that you will find for quality LED Christmas lights.

LED mini lights do not last as long as power companies would have you believe. They dim over time and the rectifiers and wiring will eventually wear out as well.

On average when using replaceable bulb LED mini lights you will get 3-5 years use out of these types of strands when used seasonally. If used year round 1-2 years.

With fixed bulb, non-replaceable LED mini lights the average life span is 4-7 years if using them seasonally.  If used year round 2-3 years.

LED mini lights and LED rope lights have rectifiers built into the strands or power plugs themselves not the bulbs. Like our first post on this subject stated, the LED lights themselves may last a long time but these other components do not last indefinitely and may wear out over a shorter time period. 

 C7 & C9 LED Lights are a better investment in our opinion if you purchase strands that have replaceable bulbs with standard screw in type bases and that have the rectifiers built into the bulbs not into the strands. You are not forced to purchase all new strands when a bulb or two fails, you can just replace that bulb.  We have had customers using these year round for 4+ years now that are just now wanting to replace them. 

C7 & C9 LED lights that are not the screw in style base and that use standard mini light wiring, that are non-replaceable bulbs are not worth the investment in our opinion and we do not carry this style of lighting.  Customers who have tried this style of lighting are often disappointed with the lights. The lights have life spans similar to LED mini lights, because of the components used (rectifiers in the strands, thinner wiring, etc.).  These are the types of LED C7 & C9 lighting that you will often find at local retailers during the holidays. They are really glorified mini lights.

So using our comparison of the 300FT of C7 Light Line here are the full costs vs. savings for 5 and 10 year periods.

LED C7 Christmas Lights 

For 300 LED bulbs you will spend about $29/box of 25 bulbs or $348 for the bulbs.  These will fit into standard C7 light line which you may or may not already have.  If you need to purchase C7 light line it will cost an additional $80 for a total of $428.00 to equip you with C7 LED Christmas Lights.

If you use them for 5 years you would save $27/ year in power consumption or $135 total in 5 years.

In ten years time you will save $270 in power consumption. Still not recouping your initial investment from power savings.  

Your initial cost and power for 5 years would be $446.43 using LED C7 Lights.

Incandescent C7 Christmas Lights -

300 C7 Incandescent Christmas Lights will cost you $5/box of 25 bulbs or $60 for bulbs and again $80 for the light strings for a total of $140.  You will have to replace bulbs on average every 2-3 years. 

If you use them seasonally for 5 years you would spend $153.60 on power and have to replace the bulbs 2 times for a total of $413.60 for your initial purchase, replacing the bulbs once and including the cost of power those 5 years.

At year 5 you would have spent $32.83 less using incandescent lighting than you would if you switched to LED. 

At year ten you would have spent $36.86 for power using LED lights and your investment so far would be $464.86.

At year ten, using incandescent lights, you would have spent $307.20 on power, replaced the bulbs 4 times and spent $687.20.

It is not until year 7 and 8 of use that the LED starts to pass up the incandescent lights on investment and maintenance costs for seasonal lighting. 



Yearly Power Cost

Investment at Year 5

Investment at Year 10

LED C7 Christmas Lights





Incandescent C7 Christmas Lights





Total Savings using LED





If you are like many of our customers who want to make the switch now, here is our advice, go with non-replaceable bulb LED mini lights or C7 & C9 LED Retrofit light bulbs and strands.  They are a better investment than other types of LED Christmas lights available on the market today. They are durable, made to last products that will save you in power consumption and give you a great vibrant look this year.  LED Christmas lights are here to stay and you will be able to find them on the market for years to come. 

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