Corporate Christmas Decorations - Make Sure You Have Them!

Posted by Luke Del Bianco on 4/29/2016 to Christmas Decoration Ideas
Corporate Christmas Decorations - Make Sure You Have Them!

Each year we locally decorate for over 300 commercial centers and businesses in our market. We love bringing joy and holiday cheer to our customers and their employees and know that there is value and good will built when you take the time to liven up your property for the holidays. One of our favorite places to decorate is actually corporate offices.

So often the workplace can become mundane and utilitarian rather than warm and inviting and it’s always fun to see our customer’s faces as they walk into their lobbies after we’ve installed and see their whole countenances light up! It’s so nice to see a change in atmosphere throughout the year and improves the company moral as well. We think that this is one area you don’t want to forget when you think about decorating for the holidays.

So what makes a good corporate holiday décor package?

First, keep in mind that a good corporate décor package typically consists of some basic holiday décor elements at main entrances, main lobbies, break rooms, or other common areas.  You want to get products where the people are.

Holiday lights however are typically not used on the exterior building or trees as most employees leave work before it is really dark outside to appreciate them.  

The décor package is typically geared more toward being festive than Christmas or religious specific so as not to offend anyone yet still celebrate the way that the majority of your employees do.

The most common décor items used have either no lights or all white lights as they are considered to be more festive and neutral.

We find that colored lights like red and green are associate more with Christmas and most clients steer away from these types of lights.   

The goal of the corporate holiday décor package is typically an understated acknowledgement of it being a festive time of the year that most of its employees embrace and enjoy. 

With these things in mind here are the products most of our customers choose for their businesses.

A large 12 foot to 15 foot tree in the main entrance lobby. A Tree will give you the most bang for your buck so to speak. It’s large it, goes vertical, and generally is easiest to install and store year to year.

It is also popular to have some holiday table top displays at the front desk or on the coffee table in the waiting area. Depending on the style of the front desk there could be garland along the front of it or perhaps above it as an accent. 

Sometimes smaller 3 to 4 foot wreaths can be hung in a window or replace the spot of a picture on the wall.  Larger wreaths can be hung over main exterior entrances.  This is a popular option as they are installed high enough typically not to be vandalized or stolen. 

If there is a 2nd level balcony overlook of the main lobby, customers often want to add a little décor in these areas as well and they will get garland and a smaller 3 to 4 foot wreath attached to the railing. 

The break room is another common area employee’s gather and we typically see a 7 to 10 foot tree installed centrally in this area.  Perhaps garland or a wreath could be installed over a food service counter.  Some companies have had us install a small narrow base tree, wall wreath or table top display of some sort on each floor in the elevator lobby area as again this is a high traffic common area. 

Focus the décor on common areas that everyone will benefit from.  The last thing you want to do is have each department or floor complaining that they don’t have décor or as much décor as this floor or department, and trust us, this happens!

Why do Christmas décor?  What is the value?

Corporate accounts typically have the exact opposite approach to holiday décor and decorating as a commercial mall.  Tenants and retailers at a mall depend on an elaborate and memorable holiday display to attract customers.  Corporate accounts will most likely not attract any additional customers by decorating their headquarters. 

Corporate accounts typically have a budget to celebrate and decorate for a number of seasons, holidays, and events and Christmas inevitably ends up on that list.  In decorating the workplace for any event or holiday, management is showing appreciation and care for their employees and their work environment. 

Employees are the life blood of any company and keeping those employees, their moral, and a happy company culture, is a key to success.   Corporations ask a lot of their employees and understand that most of them spend more time at work than at their own homes.  Spending money to spruce up that work environment and make it more exciting and comfortable place to work pays dividends. 

In my experience if the company does not decorate for holidays the employees will.  Employees will begin to bring in random small, cheap, and ugly décor items from home to hang from their desk or divider and there is no consistent style or theme and it can really become an eyesore. 

The quality, age, and condition of this décor however is unknown.  What if it causes a fire?  What if employees bring in very religious type décor items and it offends someone or it is stolen or vandalized?  What if they get hurt trying to hang a piece of garland from the ceiling over their cubicle?  

It is hard to have a policy against this if there is no other décor program in place from management.  If management decorates they can easily make a rule against bringing decorations from home and avoid a number of potentially unsafe and troublesome situations. 

You will get value from creating a corporate holiday décor package for your office through improved moral more than anything and if you buy the right elements, products that are high quality and will last, this investment is well worth doing.

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