Decor Collections

  • Contemporary Decor Contemporary Decor
    This modern Christmas decor package looks spectacular in any setting. Vibrant Greens, gold, teal, and silver shatterproof ornaments used in our UV coated garlands and trees is a perfect choice when you want something out of the ordinary.
  • Lavish Christmas Decor Lavish Christmas Decor
    This rich and extravagant gold and silver decor package will make your property look like a high end property at a fraction of what you'd expect. Get a pop that really stands out.
  • Jolly Christmas Decor Jolly Christmas Decor
    A customer favorite when it comes to decorating. Our Jolly Decor Collection is anything but boring. The bright reds, and lime greens are the perfect compliment to one another.
  • Classic Christmas Decor Classic Christmas Decor
    This Classic Christmas Decor Collection adds modern elements to a classic combination of red, gold, and green decor. Perfect for those who like tradition, it will brighten any room with Christmas cheer.