Brand Your Business or City With Seasonal Banners

Posted by on 2/10/2016 to Commercial Christmas Decoration Ideas
Brand Your Business or City With Seasonal Banners
Our friends at Christmas Light Decorators are often asked, "How do you stay in business year round?" It is not an easy thing to do, but one of the ways they do so is by helping customers year round attract more customers and keep their centers looking new and fresh. Seasonal Banners are one of the easiest ways to be able to do this. 

Banners create eye catching appeal with a modest investment that can be reused year to year. Many shopping centers and cities do year round seasonal banner programs to highlight annual events or to refresh the look of their center season to season. What kinds of seasonal banners are available? There are thousands of designs but here are the most popular customer requests. Spring banners with colorful flowers and company logo's, patriotic banners with flag designs in late May or the early summer months, fall banners with cornucopia's or harvest designs are a great option in late September until late November when the Christmas season hits and you want to draw holiday shoppers. 

Do a quick search for banners online and you will come up with thousands of companies ready to sell you banners. A few things to look for though are outlined below. 

Purchase Digital Banners

What is the difference between Digital Banners vs. Silkscreen Banners? 
Digital banners will give you eye catching appeal and simple and affordable customization options. Using Digital Banners will give you the ability to print complex designs with gradients and photo realistic aspects without sacrificing durability. Most companies will warranty their digital banners for 3 seasons of use. 

Digital Banners for branding your business

Silkscreen banners on the other hand are typically printed on a fabric that tends to fade quickly. Selection is also compromised. You generally can only use up to 4 different colors printed on silkscreen, so that unique logo you spent lots of money designing, well that won't show up like you thought it would if you go with silkscreen and the custom feature of adding it is going to cost you. With digital you can quickly and cost effectively add your logo, shopping center, city name or event details usually at no extra charge. 
Silkscreen Banners
Compare material used - compare apples to apples products. 13oz. or 19oz matte or glossy vinyl is what we would recommend. For pole banners these are generally sewn together to give you a 26oz thickness on the banner. Make sure the company you choose has a warranty on their products as well. 

Is it windy where you are installing banners? Ask your printer to add wind flaps to the banners to cut down on drag on your banners.

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