DIY Backyard Patio Event Lighting

Posted by on 2/5/2016 to Decorating Your Home
DIY Backyard Patio Event Lighting

The season of backyard parties is just around the corner and the experts at Commercial Christmas Decorations are sharing their tips to get your backyard lighting ready. Here is an inexpensive and simple way to spruce up your patio or Ramada using Christmas lights to give your get-togethers added light and an ambient, festive glow.

Christmas lights can be added to a patio in a variety of ways. The best part is how easy Christmas lights are to install. This is a DIY that easily looks like you paid for professional installation, but is simple enough to be completed in a couple of hours or less. 

Why consider backyard lighting using Christmas lights?

  • It's fun and festive. Quality lighting adds ambiance.
  • It provides light for evening and nighttime gatherings. If your backyard is poorly lit, year-round lighting from Christmas light bulbs provides soft and comfortable visibility without the cost of major electrical rewiring and installation or the harsh glare of large flood lights.
  • Year-round lighting is inexpensive and sustainable. LED Christmas lights use approx. 90% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs, resulting in minimal impact on your wallet and the environment.
Let's get started. Here are tips from the experts on how to avoid amateur mistakes and get the look of professional-grade installation - doing it yourself.

  1. We recommend following the circumference of your patio or lining your roof beams. For this installation of patio lighting we used C9 LED Warm White Light Bulbs and C9 100 Foot Light Stringers.
  2. The secret to straight, even lights is a staple gun. Heavy-duty staples are cheap and will hold your lights durably in place for a tight, clean, evenly-spaced look. Nails, on the other hand, allow lights to droop and fall out of place, looking messy and uneven and exposing unsightly cords and wiring.
  3. Plan where you want to finish and how you will get there. This sounds simplistic, but you don't want to get done and realize you will have to cross over your work to reach the plug.
  4. Hide cords and plugs. As you go, tuck cords under beams, stapled in place out of sight. Run cords to electrical plugs along corners, keeping them flush against the wall, and/or bury them under the ground or landscaping.
  5. Be safe. Make sure cords are not hanging or exposed in a way that would contribute to strangulation, entanglement, or falls. Ensure tasks and projects are within your skill level. If you feel uncomfortable with a task, do not attempt it. Some homeowners prefer to contract the services of a local lighting installation company, such Christmas Light Decorators, Arizona's largest Christmas decorating company.
C9 Lights used for backyard patio lighting

Backyard Patio Lighting with C9 Christmas Lights

Backyard Patio Lighting with Christmas Lights

That's it! Now enjoy your newly upgraded backyard.


What other off-season ways do you use your Christmas lights?

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