Hanging C7 & C9 Christmas Lights With Shingle Tabs - Advice from the Pro's!

Posted by Megan Good on 12/1/2015 to Installing Christmas Lighting
Hanging C7 & C9 Christmas Lights With Shingle Tabs - Advice from the Pro's!
Installing Christmas lights doesn't have to be a nightmare. The experts at the Christmas Light Decorators have a few tips to help you install your C7 or C9 Christmas lights with ease this year. Each year they install millions of lights all over Arizona. They are the largest holiday decorator in the Southwest and they definitely know what they are talking about when they give you tips on how to do it right. Here are some tips from these expert installers on installing your C7 or C9 Christmas lights this year and making this project less complicated and more professional.

First, start with the the right products and choose the right size Christmas light for the job.
C7 Christmas lights have been a standard in the industry for years and are great for use on one story homes or buildings or used as overhead party lighting when using G40 or G50 light bulbs for a more festive look.If you are installing lighting on a two+ story home or business they always recommend jumping up to the next size of Christmas light which is a C9 Christmas light. The bulb is slightly larger and will be more visible from up high.

C7 or C9 Christmas Lights
Decide whether you will be using clips or need to staple your Christmas lights to your home. To keep your Christmas lights in great condition and to avoid puncturing them we suggest you try clips first if at all possible. Christmas light clips come in a variety of styles that can fit nearly any need out there.

The 4 main clips are as shown below, C-Clips, All-In-One Clips, Magnetic Clips, and C-Clips. We do also carry 3 stake clips for outlining walk ways or landscaping. 
Christmas Light Clips

If you have a metal roof or are trying to attach the lights to a metal fence, try our Magnetic Clips for C9 Lights.

Here are some handy tips about using Shingle Tab Christmas light clips. For information on using other Christmas light clips check our blog for more instructional posts.

Shingle Tab Christmas Light Clips
For a perfectly installed look on a shingle roof, choose the shingle tab Christmas light clip. These are so easy to install and uninstall and will give you a great even height all along your roof line.

Christmas Lights hung with Shingle Tabs

Begin by installing the lights into the shingle tabs. You do so by placing the sockets at the back and then screwing the bulbs into the socket from the front. This sandwiches the shingle tab in between the bulb and the socket. For C9 Bulbs screw them in at the top of the shingle tab and if you are using a C7 shingle tab it goes in the lower opening.

Shingle Tab Christmas Light Clips

Once your bulbs are prepped you are then ready to slide them under the shingles at the edge of your roof line for a perfectly even and professional look! If your shingle tab doesn't feel nice and firm you can bend the little tabs at the back of the clip and this will insure a more snug fit.

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