5 Simple Ways To Transform Your Wedding With Lighting

Posted by on 2/15/2016 to Wedding Lighting Ideas
5 Simple Ways To Transform Your Wedding With Lighting
Looking for some affordable options to transform your wedding venue without spending hours and hours installing borrowed Christmas lights from everyone you know? Here are some quick and affordable options that anyone can do.

When you are planning a wedding and especially the lighting that is a one time use you want to make sure you think things through before purchasing anything. Do you want color or just a warm glow? Do you want your lighting to be with mini lights or an overall color wash to your space? Do you need all white or hints of other colors?

If you are wanting to go with mini lights and an overall warm glow with clear lights, we have you covered. These lights are pretty inexpensive and they are not worth renting or borrowing since you don't know what condition they may be in. Save your sanity and buy new lights for installation. You can rest assured they are going to work, they won't be broken and you won't spend hours and hours untangling someone else's mess. 

Mini lights are a great option for any wedding. They are very affordable and functional. You can wrap trees, columns, pergola's, line walkways, or create starry sky effects overhead with these little gems. Check with your florist they may offer you the option of adding clear mini lights to garlands or large floral arrangements they may be doing for you for a small fee. Clear mini Christmas lights also provide you a warm glow for pictures that you can't get with any other lighting options on the market. A lot of people use them for weddings for a reason, they are easy to work with and create a beautiful effect when used correctly to highlight and create ambient lighting at your wedding.

Wedding Arch with Lights

Are you looking to add color to a plain wedding venue? Try RGB LED wall washers! These are fantastic for quickly transforming any space in minutes of set up. You can rent these at most party rental stores or if you have the budget and plan to use them again you might consider purchasing. Some lighting rental places will charge you an arm and a leg to come install and set these up and they are really not complicated to install or work with and you can program them to be any color your heart desires. Point them up at the walls and play with the angles to create larger or more pin pointed lighting.

RGB LED Wall Washers at Wedding

Love those picture on pinterest of the lighted love signs at weddings? We do too! This is a simple DIY project that anyone can do. Use thin sheets wood, sheet metal or even cardboard to create your letters, then outline them with metal or cardboard to wrap around the outside to give it a 3D effect. Then drill or cut holes in the material to be able to insert the socket of our C7 lights. Push the socket through the back, screw the light in from the front and you have a custom sign with either your initials or a favorite saying. You can also try a craft store to find their giant cardboard letters to create lit sign without a lot of hassle.

Love Metal Sign with G40 lights for wedding

Having an outdoor wedding and want to add some eye catching drama without a hassle? Try installing our LED Sparkle Magic Laser lights and point them towards trees, buildings or landscape. These are so simple to install in minutes but the effect is stunning. It will make your space look like fireflies are floating around and when pointed at trees since the tree may have movement from wind anytime the tree moves it looks like the lights are twinkling.  You can change the pattern on the lights with a simple adjustment on the lens and these laser lights will cover on average a 20x20 foot area.

Blue Laser Christmas Light

For overhead drama and a pop of color try pairing our heavy duty light strings with a paper lantern in your wedding colors. Spaced every 15 inches or 2FT depending on the bulb style you choose these are a fun addition to any wedding or outdoor party. Just make sure you use guide wire that has been secured with proper anchors either on buildings, trees or poles for safety.

Wedding lights and paper lanterns

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